Curved Stairlifts

We are the leading experts when it comes to installation, maintenance and repair of curved stairlifts in Manchester. We offer timely services and speedy responses to your stairlift needs. Apart from this, we are also widely experienced and able to handle any type or model of the curved stairlift. With our installation services you don’t have to worry about damage to your wall or staircase.

Once we finish installing your stairlift, we always vacuum and clean up the area before we can leave. We work to leave your place the way we found it. Our curved stairlift services include:

What are Stairlifts?

Stairlifts are the basic kind. They are motorized or battery-operated chairs that slide on a railing which runs to a staircase.

Their main function is to help when you want to go up a flight of stairs but cannot because of mobility challenges.

Residential Installations

We are the preferred experts when it comes to curved stairlift installations in Manchester. We respond immediately and offer speedy installations at your convenience. Furthermore, we always ensure that your stairlift is in top condition and working perfectly before we can leave your home. We respect your time and wouldn’t want you inconvenienced and forced to call us back for a repeat job.

Business Installations

One way to make your business premises more employee-friendly is to install a curved stairlift. Sure, employees who are challenged with mobility due to handicap, injury or age can use an elevator any other day of the week. However, this changes when you have an emergency and need to evacuate people. A curved stairlift can work well in this scenario. Additionally, in a building that doesn’t have many flights of stairs, your employees will not have to wait for the elevator in order to get up and about between different floors.

We install curved stairlifts in commercial premises. If you would like a reliable, skilled and experienced professional to do the job, get in touch with us today. In addition to installing it, we will also maintain and repair the stairlift to ensure that it is always in top shape.

Outdoor Stairlifts

While other focus on indoor stairlifts, we understand that having the freedom to move about outside is also important. If you have access to a park or even a yard that has staircases because of an inclination, an outdoor stairlift will come in handy. You are able to access various levels without having to use a longer route.

In line with this, we also install, repair and maintain outdoor curved stairlifts. Our response time is the best as it is immediate and without delays. We then proceed with the stairlift services in a timely manner to ensure that nobody is convenience because of prolonged repair or maintenance services.

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If you have a curved staircase and have been wondering whether to find a new home to access every part of it, worry no more. Get in touch with us and we will give you an estimate of the installation process. We will install curved stairlift to make it easy for you to access every part of your home or office building without having to struggle. With us, you can be assured of the best service when it comes to installation, maintenance and repairs.